Lake Linganore Receives Free Libraries

November 12th, 2015

The Association benefits from a variety of volunteers who provide their time and resources to make improvements around Lake Linganore.  These efforts are invaluable and help to defray costs and support a small management staff. Community members may notice the installation of “Little Free Libraries” around the community in the coming months. This project was completed by the Kids Volunteer Network (KVN) and local builder CE Rensberger & Family. All material cost related to the construction of the libraries was donated by local real estate agent, Liz Burrow of Keller Williams Realty Centre.

KVN is a Frederick area volunteer group, comprised of youth who want to get involved in their local community. Providing community service projects for kids is the primary goal of the organization and their recent project involved bringing Little Free Libraries to Lake Linganore.

CE Rensberger & Family is one of several businesses that actively supports the efforts of KVN through instruction, supervision and the donation of resources. CE Rensberger & Family is a Lake Linganore builder and hosted work sessions for this project at their woodshop. All labor was provided by the KVN kids and Joel Rensberger provided instruction during work sessions. e kids ranged in age between 7 and 13 years old, and there were 15 children that contributed to the project. The Little Free Libraries were built during five Saturday work parties where the kids learned how to use tools and how to understand construction vocabulary. KVN was happy to report no injuries! Several nervous mothers observed demonstrations where their children learned how to use nail guns, a table saw, circular saw, and many different hand tools on their own. Local Scout Pack 628 jumped on the opportunity to support this project and will be painting the Little Free Libraries.

The KVN kids involved in this project for Linganore came from as far as Baltimore County, although nearly all of them were Frederick County residents. All of the children who built the libraries wrote messages under the roofs and signed and dated their name. Only when the roof of each unit is replaced, perhaps 20 years from now, will the kids’ notes be visible.

Many thanks to the Kids Volunteer Network of Frederick, CE Rensberger & Family and Liz Burrow, Realtor for giving back to the community and supporting a project that will benefit Linganore families for years to come. These Little Free Libraries will encourage reading and inspire residents to get outdoors and connect with their neighbors, one good book at a time!

Preparing for Parents

August 3rd, 2015

By Liz Burrow, REALTOR®

More and more I am meeting with families planning to have one or both of their parents moving in with them. Some are remodeling while others are buying or building a bigger home to accommodate this eventuality. In all cases, there are some simple home design steps that should be taken to ensure that the environment is as safe as possible for the older family members.

  • Bathrooms–According the CDC over two and a half times the number of people over 65 are injured in the bathroom than those of their younger counterparts. The most basic security measures are to add slip mats or peel and stick strips to the tub or shower and install safety rails. Another handy tip is to replace towel bars with grab rails. This will reduce the cost of drywall work down the line when mom or dad steady themselves on the slippery floor using items in the bathroom such as towel rails or toilet paper holders, not designed to support their weight.
  • Doorways&Ramps–If you are not building or completely remodeling, skip this step unless it is absolutely necessary, as it is costly. If starting from scratch however, plan for the eventuality of wheelchairs and walkers by including wider doorways and larger showers. I have even had clients include an empty shaft in their home for a future elevator.
  • Lighting–Add additional light or boost the bulb wattage in any area with steps or narrow spaces.
  • Triphazards–Removethrowrugsandensurethatallchords and wires are out of the way. You may also want to rearrange furniture to open up the most direct route through rooms, limiting the amount of turns and sharp corners.
  • Stairways–Add a stair rail to both sides of the staircase. This can be a significant help to someone who does not have great balance or has trouble getting up or down stairs.
  • Exteriorwalk-ways–Checkforunevenpathwaysorloosepav- ing stones. These can be very hazardous to someone who is not sure on their feet.

    Most of these precautions are simple to install and effective in minimizing the risk factors to older residents so don’t wait for a crisis before making the appropriate modifications for the safety of your elderly loved ones.

    By preparing ahead of time, you will be able to provide a supportive environment without stressing over the details.


July 16th, 2015

By Liz Burrow, REALTOR®

Taking on the added responsibility of a home ownership or paying off someone else’s mortgage in perpetuity – which is a bigger commit- ment? Here are some points to simplify the decision:

  • Make your own choices – Have a yen for hot pink walls, a questionable choice in my opinion, but if that’s your desire, go for it. The kids want a puppy, no problem. Need to update your bathrooms, change the carpet or finish the basement? If you own your own home, you have no one to answer to (except of course the bank), whereas rentals can be very restrictive.
  • Pet lovers – The equal housing laws restrict discrimination of many kinds but pets are not a protected class so finding a place that will take fluffy or Fido can be a huge challenge and may include costly additions to your rent.
  • Mortgage rates – Although there has been some upward move- ment this year, rates are still incredibly low and rental payments are often higher than the payments on a mortgage for a far nicer home.
  • Financial Stability – In a rental, every year there is the possibility that the rent will go up. If you have a 30 year fixed mortgage, you can plan for the future (well up to 30 years anyway), knowing what your fixed housing monthly outlay will be.
  • Home Equity – while using the equity in your home for trips to Las Vegas or to purchase a boat is never a good idea, having the security of built in equity accumulated over time creates stability and long term financial security which can be accessed for emergencies.
  • Uncle Sam – Taking advantage of tax deductions is always a smart move and mortgage interest can be a great way to do just that.
  • Choose when to move – Knowing that the landlord is not about to put the house on the market or refuse to extend your lease can be very comforting. You are assured of being able to stay in the same area surrounded by your friends and sending your kids to the same school until you make the choice to move on.The bottom line however comes down to $$$. Let’s assume a mort- gage payment of $1,500 per month. Over 30 years you have paid the staggering amount of $540,000 but you own your home outright, which has hopefully appreciated significantly in value from the time you bought it. But more importantly, this means no more mortgage payments…Ever!! On a rental, assuming the same payment (which in reality would probably have gone up multiple times) you would still have paid the same amount of $540,000 but with absolutely nothing at all to show for it. Worse still, you would still be committed to paying a monthly rental to keep a roof over your head.

    Owning a home does certainly come with more responsibilities than renting and while saving up the deposit, or cleaning up your credit may be challenging, at the end of the day the facts speak for themselves. Although there are pros and cons on both sides, in the battle of rent versus own, the clear victor has to be property ownership.

Woodridge – Lake Linganore

March 27th, 2015

Great move in ready home in Woodridge – Lake Linganore

Check out this beautiful home with spectacular views. Priced right and ready to move in. 4 Bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, Double Garage, Deck, Study, Dining room and Family room with Gas fireplace.

Come and see for yourself.

Purchasing Peace of Mind – Home Warranty

January 19th, 2015

A National Association of REALTORS® Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers quotes that offering a Home Warranty Policy is the number one attraction to prospective buyers.

In my experience this is certainly true. One of the greatest concerns I hear from prospective buyers is that something expensive may need attention shortly after they move in, and let’s face it, moving can stretch anyone’s cash reserves to their limit, so unexpected costs are even less welcome soon after settling into a new home.

The good news is that home warranties can be a very affordable option. Some even cover the seller while their home is on the market, and the premium is only payable at closing. This means that if a home doesn’t sell, there is no premium to pay. Seems like a win / win to me!

It is imperative to carefully check what is covered and what the deductibles are, but there are many very reliable companies offering a range of very good products.

  • Sellers – For a few hundred dollars you can attract more buyers and perhaps even cover yourself while your home is on the market.
  • Buyers – If the home you are interest in is not listed with a warranty, discuss with your realtor whether it would be appropriate to request one as part of your offer. If not, consider getting one yourself at closing.

Sometimes there really is a price for peace of mind, and in this case, it is certainly quite reasonable.

Locally Grown – Lake Linganore Realtors

November 5th, 2014
Lake Linganore enjoy the lake lifestyle

Lake Linganore vacation lifestyle

Let me ask you this…If you were interested in learning to play golf, would you ask the local tennis pro to give you lessons just because friends told you he’s a great golfer. Of course not, just because he can play golf well and is a professional coach does not mean he’s the right professional for your needs. Why then, would you select an agent who is not an expert in the local area to market your home?
I cannot tell you how many times I’ve walked into an open house, to preview the property, and found that the agent sitting there knows absolutely nothing about Lake Linganore. And what’s worse, they feed me misinformation such as – There is only one beach, one pool, you automatically become a member of the golf course by paying your HOA fees, there are water problems in Linganore, power boats are allowed… the list goes on and on!
Just because an agent did a fabulous job selling your friend’s home in Bethesda, Baltimore or Hagerstown does not necessarily mean they know the ins and outs of our very specific market. All agents take the same exam and we all learn the same fundamentals about real estate but that does not mean we all know every market!

Here are 5 quick reasons why using a local Agent has many advantages for you:-

  1. Superior Market Knowledge – local agents frequently tour the properties in the neighborhood and understand the inventory. They recognize the advantages of each area and appreciate the differences in every sub-division.
  2. Relationships with other local agents – Working closely with other agents in the area can be a great advantage to both buyers and sellers. Your agent will often learn a great deal of additional information about what is happening in the current market by networking locally; information which is often not included in the MLS listing and which many outside agents may not know.
  3. Understanding the local by-laws – There is much about the community’s inner workings that is very important in brokering a successful deal. From re-sale packages to building restrictions or benefit assessments, this is information that local agents know by heart but others are not familiar with. Many deals falter due to small details which have been overlooked through lack of knowledge.
  4. Local Pricing – Knowing which sub-divisions can be used as comparisons when pricing Linganore properties is a skill acquired by knowing the intricacies of the area. Frequently, agents and appraisers alike ask me for assistance on which properties form accurate comps and they freely admit that our diverse sub-divisions are very challenging.
  5. Enthusiasm for the area – The local agents have nominated to make Linganore their home, bring up their families here and make their friends from within the community. They clearly love the area and who better to market your home for you, or find you a new home, than someone who has a genuine enthusiasm for the unique lifestyle that Lake Linganore has to offer.

Local agents have made this community their home and renowned motivational speaker Zig Ziglar says – People who have good relationships at home are more effective in the marketplace.

Pick from the locally grown talent – it’s the way to go!